AMELIA + TONY | Almquist Farm Wedding

Vendors Venue: Almquist Farm

Floral : Maison de Fleur Design

Photography : Shasta Bell Photographie

Our story with the bride starts off a little differently than with anyone else we've ever met. We've known Amelia since we were kids- we all played house and chased each other around until our feet got tired. Our moms had regular "mom time" giving us the perfect opportunity to plot our next moments together. Even as we grew up, we still found ways to be in each other's lives. Amelia so amazingly created Maison de Fleur's first branding and naturally we followed by creating flowers for her very big and special day. We didn't know when she would meet such a great guy like Tony, but we always knew it had to be someone wonderful. Expectations were definitely fulfilled. Tony is not only funny and kind, but also genuine and so easy to talk to. Celebrations were all on deck for this amazing couple!

Everything clicked so well into place the first time we sat down and talked with Amelia and Tony for their May wedding floral plans. We quickly fell in love with all of their ideas: blush and blue tones, a whimsical country feel, romantic flowers and olive branch garlands to adorn their quaint hall. It was easily the perfect marriage between rustic romance and French country elegance.

The wedding was set to take place on Almquist farm, a renovated barn located in Hastings, MN with spectacular views of the rolling hills and forests. With such an amazing landscape to cater to, the flower process was simple. We focused heavily on pastels against a lush background and dived in with a minimalist approach. It seemed impossible at first - yes there was a lot of ground to cover, but the results turned out so much more than what we could've wished for.


Our bride's aesthetic was the focus of unique simplicity. We decided to use only a select type of greenery and flowers, each that could easily be incorporated into the overall design of not only the bridal bouquets but also reception decor. These distinct blooms were picked out for a purpose - from its color, shape, and size, all to balance the small details that would eventually peak through. It was also important to have a cohesive color palette, and using creme roses to contrast with the other flowers was the perfect solution.

Pink and white ranunculus mixed with the roses filled the bridal bouquet with its large bloom while the sweet pea kept it loose and care-free. The dusty miller added a cool tone to the warm olive leaves. We envisioned a bouquet that was full of life and unpredictable, just like Amelia! Something that would catch you off-guard but was also comforting and soft. A reflection of the person holding it, the bridal bouquet is significant in so many ways.

Each bouquet was tied off with a silk ribbon provided by the bride.

After we watched the bridal party head out to meet the rest of the group,

the end result was just absolutely breathtaking!

The groomsmen boutonniere had a simple white rose

and a few olive leaves, tied off with dusty blue silk.

A petite version of the bridal bouquet was designed for the bridesmaids:

white ranunculus, creme roses, and blush spray roses accented with

dusty miller foliage and a few bits of olive leaves.

We also loved that Amelia wanted to use olive leaves for the greenery! Olive branches are not only sturdy but the leaves make them full and abundant in size. Its versatility allows for multi-use, making it the perfect greenery for this wedding. The garlands fill the guest tables with its scattered leaves and organic shape, each laying on top of a hand-dyed blue cloth. Little brass vases were distributed to different tables with just a ranunculus bloom in the center. The Welcome table featured a compote arrangement with a few pops of blue nigella.

The head table was adorned with a lush garland of flowers and greens.

It's always different to see the way things are in your head versus when everything comes together in real life. We spent months trying to perfect every little detail of the flowers, not even sure how it would come together on the day of. Being a florist comes with a little uncertainty because our craft does not allow us to prepare ahead of time, but we've been lucky in our experiences so far.

Every part of this wedding was a complete joy and we are so honored to have been a part of it! Thank you so much to Amelia and Tony for trusting us with the task of making part of their dreams come true. Another huge thank you to Shasta Bell for capturing these wonderful moments and making it everlasting. Shasta is also an amazing creator! Visit her website at Shasta Bell Calligraphy to see some of the amazing things that she is a part of. We're gearing up for our next floral adventure during this lovely summer time.

Stay tuned in for MDFD updates.


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