Queen of Hearts: Golden Birthday Tea Party

Maison de Fleur Designs debuted our very first event! Inspired by the lush rose gardens of an English tea party combined with the whimsical visuals of Alice in Wonderland, we created a floral heart arrangement for this event as a centerpiece. The surrounding eucalyptus leaves compliments the space perfectly by bringing in the outdoors on an otherwise gloomy Minnesota day.

Nestled right next to the Mississippi River and secluded with trees and a tall entrance gate, the Mad Hatter Restaurant in Anoka was just the perfect venue for our tea party. The historic home-turned tea room had all of the vintage charm that we were looking for and their staff was so friendly and accommodating. They are available for private events year round and you can visit their website for more information here.

When we first decided to plan the decor for this event we immediately knew that it had to be infused with an abundance of flowers. Traditionally, a fresh bouquet of flowers is always placed upon clean linens and delicate porcelain during tea time. In reality due to the nature of such fine tableware we were limited to where we could place any kind of floral arrangement or bouquet. The guest tables however turned out beautifully with just a single rose and the china laid out perfectly.

Our focus was the round cake table placed by the large windows in the room. Instead of going for a traditional vase arrangement we opted for something more unconventional. Staying true to our theme, The Queen of Hearts, we came up with a rose-filled heart! Weighing at over 50 lbs, this piece took almost 3 people to carry, and 6 hours of work to complete. Working with a combination of roses, hydrangeas and carnations, the colors are a mix of pink hues, white and dark fuchsia. Using contrasting elements such as the white and dark fuchsia adds variety to the flowers and makes it more interesting. A common misconception is that the theme always have to be from the same color family but adding a pop of dark or light color helps the main colors from washing out.

Lastly the final touch of this process was just the perfect piece. We worked with Family Laser- a family owned business who is also based in Minnesota. They were able to customize a calligraphy woodcut sign to go along with our designs and this added a special and personalized feature to the event itself. "Stay Golden" - a tribute to her golden birthday! They also made a sign with the birthday girl's name as well as her golden age. That piece was placed on the garland at the fire place and contrasted so nicely with the leaves. We added gold spray paint to complete the look and haven't looked back since. If you're looking to add a custom and unique element to your event, we highly recommend using signs to add to your decor. Family Laser did such an amazing job with their high quality laser cuts. Feel free to visit their site here for more information.

In addition to the centerpiece we added 3 round arrangements to tie into the flower theme. Using the same types of flowers as the heart, these little arrangements made such a huge difference in completing our table. The eucalyptus garland brings the whole look together, as it is also replicated at the fireplace too.

The execution couldn't have worked out better and our team here at Maison de Fleur Designs are so excited to plan our next event! Do you like how everything turned out? Let us know!

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